Beasley “is a heart-warmer”

The Merrimack Repertory Theatre production of C.W. Munger’s adaptation of Beasley’s Christmas Party opened this week and The Boston Globe was there to review.  Says theatre critic Don Aucoin:

A veteran politician as the embodiment of all that is good and decent? Given the surly public mood these days, “Beasley’s Christmas Party’’ contains an almost heretical message.

To be sure, “Party’’ takes place not in the fever swamp of our current throw-the-bums-out-so-we-can-install-new-bums environment, but rather in a placid small town a century ago.

In keeping with its horse-and-buggy setting, “Party,’’ now receiving its New England premiere at Merrimack Repertory Theatre, is an old-fashioned work whose appeal depends on your willingness to have your heartstrings tugged by a story of simple human kindness.

Okay, I’m willing.  Aucoin almost makes that sound like a bad thing… but then they’ve been saying that kind of thing about Tarkington for years.

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