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Yes, There Is a Booth Tarkington Rest Stop…

In the “I can’t believe I’m actually reporting this” category… In my Google news alert for “Booth Tarkington” came this amazing tweet a while back: “I’m at Booth Tarkington Rest Area Westbound (Mile Marker 146 Indiana East–West Toll Road, IN-120, Fremont).” The Tweet referenced a foursquare meetup. Okay. So that’s weird enough. But this is where my own weirdness set in.

New Addition to My Collection: The Wren

Last year, thanks to the inevitability of technology and the inexorable drive of the free market, The Wren is now available in facsimile edition. Who knows why, but someone finally got the notion that putting this public-domain work back in print would be a great idea. And who knows? Maybe it is. For a serious collector, though, like me, simply reading it will not be enough. I finally managed to track down a copy of the original 1922 Samuel French edition on ABE Books.