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Beasley Goes Cross-Country

Well, C.W. Munger has done for Tarkington and Beasley’s Christmas Party what I hoped to do… and obviously failed to: popularize Tarkington’s quaint and poignant holiday novella as a stage play. After a successful off-Broadway premiere and run two years ago, and in the wake of successful remounting in other markets last year, the play will make its debut this coming Christmas… in my very own back yard.

Tarkington Theater Opening Gala August 6

Carmel, Indiana’s Center for the Performing Arts is gearing up for a gala “Opening Night Celebration” featuring David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame, Saturday, August 6 at 5:30 pm. Ticket prices range from a single-seat “Bronze Package,” at $150, which includes “show, post-show wrap party, and perimeter seat locations in the Tarkington for the Opening Night show,” all the way up to a 12-ticket $10,000 “Founder’s Package.”