Yes, There Is a Booth Tarkington Rest Stop…

In the “I can’t believe I’m actually reporting this” category…

In my Google news alert for “Booth Tarkington” came this amazing tweet a while back: “I’m at Booth Tarkington Rest Area Westbound (Mile Marker 146 Indiana East–West Toll Road, IN-120, Fremont).”  The Tweet referenced a foursquare meetup.

Okay.  So that’s weird enough.  But this is where my own weirdness set in.  From foursquare I went to satellite maps of I-80/I-90 near Fremont in Indiana.  The Rest Area is indicated by the cursor location, middle right.

Booth Tarkington Rest Area, Satellite image

Next is a closeup of what the rest area configuration looks like.  At this level, you can see a McDonald’s and two Mobil stations labeled.

Booth Tarkington Rest Area, Satellite image

So I zoomed in even closer, wondering if I could spy any details that might be a Booth Tarkington memorial.  See that green patch there, with a walkway out from the office building?  Might that be a memorial?

Booth Tarkington Rest Area, Satellite view

So then I went to Google street view for the answer:

Google Street view, Booth Tarkington Rest Area

Is this sick, or what?

One Response to “Yes, There Is a Booth Tarkington Rest Stop…”

  1. Orson Says:

    The Booth Tarkington service plaza on the westbound Indiana toll road was permanently closed in October, 2015 and demolished two years later.

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