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Tarkington, Pillar of Georgia Street

Georgia Street was the center of “Super Bowl Village,” but something was apparently lacking once the big NFL event, lasting just a few days, was over. In what feels like a rebuilding-burnt-bridges move, the committee responsible for hosting the Super Bowl funded (among other projects) a series of seven-foot pillars along Georgia Street which commemorate Hoosiers of note.

Beasley in the Windy City

Gallery has made good choices in this staging, opting for six adult actors and one child. Several of the adults will still play multiple roles, but the production promises to be much less confusing than it was (gauging by the reviews) at Keen and Taproot in Manhattan and Seattle, respectively.

Defense of the “Hacked” Ambersons

Aside from Welles sharing a midwest heritage with Tarkington, I’ve always been puzzled at the filmmaker’s choice for his sophomore project. After all, Welles was such an entrenched figure in New York literary and theatre circles, Tark’s tale of an American aristocratic family in decline just has never seemed a good fit.