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The Digital Woodress

One of the books in the Kansas City Public Library was, yes, the Woodress biography of Tarkington. Thanks to the government of India, you can now not only get a used copy of the original edition (I recommend, you can also get it as a Nook book, in a rather pricey paperback facsimile edition, or… browse it online for free! One catch… the Indian government apparently created a new title for the book. See if you can spot the difference.

Tarkington’s Epic Graduation Fail

When Princeton University fondly recalls Booth Tarkington’s ivied days as a member of the class of 1893, they consistently omit one little detail: he may have started out with the class of ‘93 upon matriculation, but he never actually finished. It’s possible that Tarkington may in fact be Princeton’s most famous dropout–sort of a 19th Century version of Bill Gates and Harvard.