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Tarkington, Best-Seller

“100 Years. 94 Books.” That’s the title of a new reviewing project by blogger Matt Kahn. The idea? To read and review every book to top the year’s best sellers list at Publisher’s Weekly since 1913. You can visit Kahn’s blog for a complete list of the 94 titles (some, like Gone With the Wind, topped the list in more than one year). Two Tarkington titles appear on the list: The Turmoil (1915) and Seventeen (1916), a rather impressive back-to-back accomplishment.

The Prescient Tarkington

A Deseret News reporter recently ran a story about the tendency of governments to forget about laws on the books, and then re-legislate what has already been legislated. The motivation for the article was the kickoff of new local and national legislative sessions. But the flashpoint connection was… an AC/DC concert in 1991 during which 3 people died. That part of the article is interesting enough, but what caught my eye was Jay Evanson’s invoking of a passage from The Turmoil in 1915.