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Ambersons Adaptation Staged

Rush for tickets, as this is sure to draw huge crowds. So says Barry Lenny, Arts Editor for Glam Adelaide in Australia. I’d call that a rave. Wouldn’t you? The Magnificent Ambersons has been adapted for the stage by Adelaide’s Independent Theatre founder Rob Croser. Says he: “I first became aware of The Magnificent Ambersons as a school, or university student, watching old Mid-day Movies during the holidays. I was fascinated by the story, the characters, and the eerily-lit mansion which the Amberson family inhabited.”

Another Pulitzer Project

What’s with the craze about the history of the Pulitzers? Earlier this year, I reported on publisher Patricia D’Ascoli’s plan to compile an anthology of reviews of the Pulitzer prize winners in fiction, including Tarkington’s The Magnificent Ambersons and Alice Adams. Then last month I wrote several times about “100 Years. 94 Books,” blogger Matt Kahn’s project to read and review every book to top the year’s best sellers list at Publisher’s Weekly since 1913… including Tarkington’s The Turmoil and Seventeen. Well, the “list” craze continues… and this time a bunch of award-winning poets are at it.