Ambersons Adaptation Staged
Rush for tickets, as this is sure to draw huge crowds.

So says Barry Lenny, Arts Editor for Glam Adelaide in Australia. I’d call that a rave. Wouldn’t you?

The Magnificent Ambersons has been adapted for the stage by Adelaide’s Independent Theatre founder Rob Croser. Says he:

I first became aware of The Magnificent Ambersons as a school, or university student, watching old Mid-day Movies during the holidays.  I was fascinated by the story, the characters, and the eerily-lit mansion which the Amberson family inhabited.  I suppose I saw it a number of times over many years.  And – as my interest in films and directors developed – I became aware of the history of Orson Welles’ obsession with the story, and of the film studio’s eventual mutilation of what many considered to be his masterpiece.  A 2001 article in Vanity Fair magazine, about the film’s history, whetted my appetite even more – as did the news that an American television company was re-filming the story from Welles’ reconstructed original screenplay.  I saw that film (which I liked very much), then read the reviews, which attacked it for not doing what it advertised – namely faithfully reproducing the Welles screenplay scene-for-scene. About this time, I thought I’d better read Booth Tarkington’s novel, which I did.  I was immediately captivated by the story and the characters, and, just as immediately, struck with the idea of what a brilliant, powerful play it would make.

Click here for some great production stills.

The play runs through this weekend if you happen to be in the neighborhood, mate!

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  1. Rolf Says:

    We used to watch BEWITCHED in Me9xico in the 70s and I loved it! Mrs. Moorhead stole the show every time ahe appeared on sercen(and so did Selena, Sam’s cousin played by Mrs MOntgomery, too), but Endora was great! She had the wit and the looks! A few years ago one of my friends gave me the first season for my birthday, colorized, and I fell in love again! Mrs. Moorhead attire, purple and green, in high contrast with her orange hair, made her look just the way she always behaved. Outrageous and unique!A few days ago I saw JANE EYRE, and there she was again, making another poor girl’s life miserable… Great actress!

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