Magnolia Adaptation Gets Rare Screening

Last week in Milwaukee, the Hollywood adaption of Tarkington’s play Magnolia was screened at the Charles Allis Art Museum. Mississippi, released in 1935, starred Bing Crosby, W.C. Fields, Joan Bennett, and Gail Patrick. I haven’t read the play (Tarkington’s plays are hard to find; I have tracked down several, but not this one) so I can’t comment on the source material; and I’ve never seen the film adaptation, either, so I can only pass on the Museum’s erroneously provenanced summary:

Based on the Booth Tarkington novel Magnolia, Mississippi is a combination of music and comedy at its finest. Fields is a riverboat captain who hires Bing as a singer for his show, thinking he is the notorious Singing Duelist. Along the way, Bing gets to romance Joan Bennett, sings Swanee River, and introduces It’s Easy to Remember But So Hard To Forget and Sooner written by the song writing team Rogers and Hart.

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