Trysting Place Staged… Really???

Okay… it’s been a slow news season at, with not an awful lot to report.

So when my Google news feed came in with a headline about a student production of The Trysting Place (1925), my interest was decidedly piqued. (Yes, that word is spelled “piqued,” dear readers, despite the best instincts of many online editors these days who let their writers get away with the inappropriate homonym “peaked.”)

Alas, but the link was simply for a “looking back” column in the Morris (Minnesota) Post. In 1953:

Three one-act plays will be presented by groups of Morris junior and senior high school students in the school auditorium on Dec. 3. A cast of seventh graders directed by Miss Charis Jones will present the play, “Rip Van Winkle.” A group of ninth grade students under the direction of Jake Marks will appear in the play “The Trysting Place” by Booth Tarkington. Emmett Barder will direct a cast of tenth graders in the play “Sugar and Spice.” Specialties to be presented between plays will include vocal selections by Glenice Anderson and selections by a brass sextet.

Trysting Place did a relatively recent revival, however. These pages reported in 2011 on a production mounted by a college in Winfield, Kansas.

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