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Penrod: Wishful Thinking?

Penrod himself certainly sensed that his world was changing. And he didn’t like it much at all. Whether or not Tarkington’s readers grasped the geo-political forces shaping the world in 1914, they certainly saw themselves in Penrod’s shoes at a particular time of life. And if Rich himself can never recall summer idylls or idles as innocent as Penrod’s, well, more’s the pity.

Alice Adams Gets New Print Edition

The Hollywood Reporter, among other outlets, reported last week that Vintage Books’ “Movie Classics” imprint is releasing a new line of reprints of “the source material that inspired a number of iconic Hollywood films.” The first grouping of four novels in the series also includes Show Boat, Cimarron, and Back Street.

Ambersons Lecture Weds. at Indiana State

The lecture is March 19 at 1:30 PM. The Library’s main “Big Read” event was Friday night, during which the “newly restored Indiana Theatre” was decorated to “recreate the opulence of the Amberson’s home.” For a $5.00 admission fee, guests were “invited to the Amberson mansion for the celebration of the year. … Come and meet this remarkable family, see an original play and dance the night away.” Wish I could have been there!